The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune will leave Foot Finesse's mark, often in the form of annoying aches and pains. If you’re suffering from any of these, the best ctheirse of action might be to go in for massage therapy. The modern massage therapist is a trained professional who will know exactly how to help you feel better. He or she will have gone to an accredited school to learn about the subject. There are several different kinds of therapy available. The deep tissue massage is one of the most effective at promoting a sense of relaxation and theyll-being. The foot massage is ideal for treating this oft-used part of the body. Others might prefer the relaxation that’s offered by Chinese massage and other Asian massage styles. their practitioners can also perform the Stheydish massage, sports massage, and therapeutic massage. they can even take the service to you with their mobile massage! Those who want to get help from a massage therapist can do so by contacting us at Foot Finesse in Schaumburg, IL. THERE IS MORE THAN 1 REASON TO CHOOSE US: Chairs: These adjustable Massage chairs can provide customers with best comfort and support. Every massage chair in foot finesse are customized in California. The Rose Red leather provides not only comfort but also high quality service to every customer. Room: they have several rooms in different sizes. their main room can hold up to six customers at the same time. they also have a two-person room and a three-person room for small parties. Water: The water they use is more than natural water. they put chrysanthemum flotheyrs, rose petals, southern China green tea leaves and some salt into the water. By doing this, they try to bring their customers the experience of a traditional Chinese massage. Besides, chrysanthemum flotheyrs and rose petals can send out unique floral notes, which help their customers get relaxed . The southern China green tea leaves come from the hometown of green tea. The combination of green tea leaves and salt can effectively disinfect the feet. Massage Therapists: Every Foot Finesse masseuse is highly trained in China and with at least five years of working experience. they first opened two branches in Indiana five years ago. Then they stepped into Illinois and opened their first branch there in Schaumburg three years ago, and then the second branch in Naperville one year ago. The satisfaction felt by their customers enctheirages us to improve their services. Foot Finesse has been one of the most successful local businesses. they use traditional Chinese massage techniques to relax every customer.